Thursday, April 10, 2014

1,000 Dog Portraits | Pets / Dogs Book | Qbookshop

1,000 Dog Portraits | Pets / Dogs Book | Qbookshop

I'm in this book! 
Cannot for the life of me remember which painting, 
but either way it will be fun to get a copy 
and see what is there, 
and view all the other great works 
but Dog lovers from all over the globe. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

"Storms A Comin"

A Momma and Pappa herding their brood to shelter before the storm. Watercolour on Yupo.

I wrote this letter to a friend in response to her comment about how fortunate I am to be an artist even though it is not an easy way to make a living. 

I do it because i love to do it, and have always wanted to be an artist. I can't think of anything else i would rather be doing. 

Dear Judy.  Yes, you are absolutely right. I am always grateful for the art and the ability to make it. 
Sometimes, when i am painting and things are going well, i dance. No one is there, but i dance. It just is so amazing to me. Sometimes, when i do a painting, i leave for the night and come back the next day to see what i have done. Sometimes, it amazes even me, and i am not so certain that it was me who did it!
I cannot remember putting it together all that well and know there was much more to it than I, myself, and me!

Sometimes, it as if they paint themselves. There is an "art spirit” that guides the hand of many, if and when we are open to it and let it work through us. The art world calls it the “art spirit” but you and i know exactly what that spirit is. :)

It really does amaze me, when i see this working. It does not always happen, for one reason or another. Perhaps we are focusing on ourselves? Perhaps we are too pre-occupied with other things?
Maybe we are just thinking about the money we can make if it sells? It is during those times that the painting does not have life and there is no light. 
There is something missing. 

Sometimes, i tell people the painting speaks to me. I have to listen and hear the voice. It tells me what to do next. I try to listen and to follow it. When i have shared this with people,  i get a variety of reactions. Mostly disbelief and a look of, “you are a tad bit crazy!”. So i quit telling folks about the voice and the spirit. I am then hopeful the paintings will speak for themselves. 

Lately, i have been gifting a lot of my work. I donate paintings to dog rescue groups, fundraisers for various charities, etc. I don’t have a lot of spare cash to give but i can give away the art. A few times i heard of someone’s dog dying and i did a portrait of the dog and just sent it to them. 
It makes me feel like i am doing something worthwhile at least. 

There have not been a lot of art buyers recently but i have been busy with such things and trying to get my work out to as many places as i can. If i have to follow in the foot steps of all those great masters who died before anyone saw value in their work that would be okay. And if that doesn’t happen which is most likely the case, i have enjoyed listening to that voice and the spirit (God), and dancing while i paint. :) 

thanks for sparking these thoughts Judy. it is something i don’t really think about all that often. 
We just have to go out there and “do it”.

blessings always, 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

"Little Sister"

One more new cow painting. Just one more. 
I know I was supposed to stay off the cows for a while but i just could not resist this beauty. 
I love painting cows. They remind me so much of my Boxers. 
This classy lady belongs to a gal in the Netherlands who owns a farm and was very gracious in letting me use some of her photos. There will be more. :)
I know she has a real name but for now i called her "Little Sister" because that is what came to me when i posted this. The names do just come sometimes which i love. 
This is acrylic on deep canvas 22" X 28'. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


This is little "Hulahen". She belonged to a young gal who owns six of these delightful creatures, 
the Boxer. 
She wanted a reminder of how sweet this girl was and to be able to see her often. 
Watercolour on Arches, CP paper, 14" X 14". 

Saturday, February 15, 2014


I love the names people give their dogs. Lately it seems they are using more human names. Brian, Jimmy, Stewie, Ricky and such. Not so much any more the old traditional dogs names. No Bowsers, Fidos, or Lucky's.  I think of their names as i paint. This girl had an especially suitable name. She seems so sad, distant but wise. Her name means "sorrow".  I'm sure she had a bountiful supply of love to lavish on her owners. I loved painting her. She is such a beautiful Boxer. Watercolour on Arches paper, 16" X 16".

Sunday, February 9, 2014

"Hockey Night in Canada"

I forgot to take a picture of this without frame. It works so much better when i do. 
This is one of my entries in the "Oh Canada" show this weekend at the 
Ruberto Ostberg, Galleries in Calgary. 
It is what i feel represents Canada and that is a good old fashioned street 
hockey game on your typical street anywhere in rural Canada. 
This scene is based on "Victoria Street" in Nelson B.C. 
I love to do the villages and will often rely on my sketchbook 
for inspiration. Sometimes summers are spent wandering and sketching. 
This is watercolour on my Arches paper. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"Shinny in Trinity Newfoundland"

We are having a Canada show at the gallery to coincide with the Olympics in Sochi.
25 artists are coming up with paintings they feel represents what Canada is to them.
So many things came to mind but i kept coming back to hockey.
This is a scene of kids playing pond hockey which probably happens in most small villages and towns all across this great land
on any given night throughout the winter.
I based this wee village on Trinity Newfoundland. 
Watercolour on CP paper, 15" X 20".

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Meet Lexi. She was a very sweet intuitive gal i am told. 
Her owner is involved with Boxer Rescue and had fostered over 100 dogs while Lexi was with her. 
She told me Lexi had an ability to be able to help the other dogs with whatever issues they may have had to deal with. She was more than just a dog but a soulful spiritual being almost in the way she 
was. Needless to say, her master was devastated when Lexi finally had to go. 
This painting was commissioned in honour of the special Boxer she was. 
Watercolour on Arches C/P paper. 16"X16".  

Sunday, December 15, 2013

"Alexis & Ivan"

One more puppy before Christmas. 
This is a commission 12" X 14". Watercolour on Arches 300lb. CP paper.
It looks like they are having a wonderful time. 
I love the Boxer because they enjoy so much 
being with their people and playing. 
They actually think they are human. 
We won't tell them otherwise. :)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


This is Mali. She is a recent commission from a lady who wanted to give Mali's owner, her sister, a special gift for Christmas. I very much enjoyed painting this beautiful pup and had a real a sense of her spirit as we worked. She is most likely a gentle sweet girl, I believe. When doing a dog commission, I like to paint the eyes first.
This way, Mali could participate in the process and keep me company as we worked.
I love my job. :)
This is watercolour on Arches 300lb. CP paper. 19" X 27". 

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Okay, time for one more cow. I just cannot resist these guys. I have many more on the go but will put them aside and try something else for a bit. Perhaps more villages. Have not done any of those for a long, long time and love them equally. Thanks for visiting. 
This is watercolour on 300lb. Arches CP paper. 12.5" X 18.5"

Thursday, August 15, 2013

"Splash 14"

I am so excited, "Splash 14" finally arrived at my door.  It was the most amazing thing to receive my copy of this beautiful book and see my painting, "Meana" side by side with some of the best watercolorists around.  Ones i have been admiring for a very long time. It was a dream come true for this artist as i had submitted once before and did not get accepted. Hooray! I've scoured these books end to end for years. To finally see this with one of my paintings was crazy. I am still gobsmacked. If you would like a copy of your own, here is a link to Northlight publishing. It is really well done with over 100 artists represented. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"Eddie the Third"

This would be the 3rd version of this fabulous animal. I painted him facing the other way in watercolour and then in acrylic and now watercolour again. Each version is quite different. I suppose it would be safe to say this is my favourite model thus far. Transparent watercolour on Arches 300lb. cold pressed. 

Friday, August 2, 2013


This is Jenny. A new puppy portrait of a lovely girl. Sadly Jenny passed on just a short time ago. I'm hopeful this painting captures Jenny's personality and will be forever a gentle reminder of a loving companion. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Ivan and Reba"

A new puppy portrait of two cuddly Boxers,
loving their time together.

Watercolour on Arches CP 300 lb. paper. 
12" X 16" 

Friday, July 19, 2013


Meet Eddie. I had done one of her earlier in watercolour but thought her to be such a good model i had to paint her in acrylic. I lover her expression. Cows are still a favourite subject for me. I love their quirkiness and find them to be quite comical in a way. Much like my Boxers. There is a resemblance. Perhaps that is why. This is acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, 20" X 24".

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Reading Week"

I thought it might be time for another village. These are such fun to do. I've been very busy with commissions lately and had spent a great deal of time on cow and barnyard paintings forgetting about the whimsical side of things. There is a freedom when it is all made up which does not exist while making a picture for someone. Rather refreshing i think and a bit of a breather. Watercolor on Arches 300lb. Cold pressed paper. Approximately 11" X 30".

Thursday, July 11, 2013


This is Bronte. A lovely Beagle belonging to a fellow in Australia.  I've been fairly busy lately with dog portraits and have a few more to finish, hopefully before August. This little girl sat nearly finished for the longest time because i was just not able to see a final image clearly for some reason. Today it happened and we had a grand time together. I asked little Bronte to lead the way and she did! The rest as they say is, "history". Watercolor on Arches 300 lb. cold pressed paper. 18" X 18".

Monday, July 1, 2013


A wee Boxer pup i did for a friend who does great and wonderful work for Boxer Rescue Canada.
She does not have this little girl anymore as she has already lived her life and left a lot of broken hearts behind as is often the case. Watercolor, on Arches, 300lb. CP paper. approximately 10" X 14".